Cohan customers seek the energy efficiencies and cost savings our control solutions deliver. Refrigeration systems use huge amounts of electricity and typically consume 65-85% of a cold storage facility’s total energy usage. Clearly, the high cost of inefficient facilities is unacceptable to companies wishing to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

Current trends aren’t promising any relief. Average electricity costs have increased 60% since 1999 for industrial users and are expected to continue escalating. Emerging governmental regulations to reduce CO2 emissions will add further pressure on businesses to operate more efficiently.

Fortunately, Cohan has battle-proven solutions for companies now facing the double burdens of rising energy costs and emerging environmental mandates. Since its founding in 1990, our company has been delivering advanced refrigeration controls and management software that routinely reduce energy demands by 20-40%. To achieve these outcomes, our solutions deliver two fundamental types of benefits:

Our distributed control systems ensure the most energy-efficient operation at the individual equipment level – ComputerIntelligencecompressors, evaporators and other mechanical equipment – while achieving additional energy savings from comprehensive plant-wide coordination of equipment operation. Complementing these industry-leading energy reducing control capabilities are the ongoing system-efficiency gains achieved with use of the Cohan graphical interface, Clarity energy management software for PCs. Clarity’s comprehensive trend-data collection and operational analysis capabilities improve understanding of the refrigeration system and allow managers to constantly detect problems or trends which need correcting, resulting in continuous improvement opportunities for efficiency-focused clients