Commercial Cold Rooms

The design and construction of commercial cold rooms using modular assembly is one of our fields of expertise. We are known internationally for the quality and scale of our cold rooms. We have worked within every sector of industry that requires cold storage facilities including the automotive and food industries, pharmaceutical and supermarkets as well as the public services sector. aaa-e1381406448509

Modular Assembly Cold Rooms

Our modular cold room series is an integrated family of sandwich panels designed for quick cold room assembly. The panel configuration has been reduced to a minimum, so the overall effect is to offer the clients maximum design possibilities for cold rooms with a minimum amount of panels required on the site. All products from the modular range can be easily assembled without the need for special tools. Likewise they can be dismantled easily in order to move or enlarge them.

coldroom_explodedviewThe Cold Room Panels: Isobar sandwich panels comprise of two steel skins that are injected with a high pressure polyurethane foam, with tongue and groove jointing method.

For more information or a quotation for any configuration or size of cold rooms please contact us. For standard products we can give a quotation in as little as 1 working day.